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The Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh enacted the ‘The Himachal Pradesh Municipal Act, 1994’, to consolidate and amend and replace the law relating to municipalities in Himachal Pradesh. As with other Nagar Panchayat areas in Himachal, the functioning of Municipal Council Sujanpur also falls within the ambit of this act. The complete text of this act is as under: Himachal Pradesh Municipal Act, 1994.

Himachal Pradesh Municipal Act, 1994

MSW Rules 2000.

Plastic waste rules 2011.


Government of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Reforms organization.


C&D waste rule

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Important Mesaage
  • We all have an obligation to keep the city clean.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places.
  • Water is precious please save it.
  • Do not burn garbage.